Story Catchers

Engage the services of Humankind Enterprise ( ) to run two-day story collecting training. There will be an open call to engage a  people across inter-generational and cross-cultural communities will be trained to be Story Catchers. The stories will be turned into a podcast. Stories will be collected, edited, broadcast and archived. 


Sullivans Trail is a public and history project developed to engage the community with the waterways through Canberra. Linking 'Our Mountains to Our Lake'  through the creation a cultural and creative corridor. Celebrate and strengthen cultural heritage and promote the wider understanding of the culture of indigenous and non-indigenous communities through stories collecting and place activation along the route. This project gives us the opportunity to  threading people, place, animals and birds and plants, landforms and weather into a single spool.  A cultural and art trail for our visitors to explore, for our residence to travel through and engage with, creating public ‘places of the soul’ that uplift and help us connect with people and place.


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