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A variety of participants from local institutions, organisations and communities be invited through a EOI process to join us for a series of curated walks help bring different aspects of the creek to life, from their point of view. Each participant can bring their own knowledge and perspective to each of these walks  which will help make the project feel more unique and appropriate to its audience. 

This project will enable us to tell various stories. One important story is the impact of colonialism, a story that Kambri/Sullivan’s creek has a powerful role in telling. Cultural knowledge, science and art can be employed as tools to uncover and tell these unique stories of place.


With funding from our partners Molonglo Conservation Group and in partnership with PhotoAccess we have identified the need for data – across a range of areas but particularly Indigenous scientific and cultural knowledge.  This research phase of the project, consists of a series of three walks, that together cover the length of Kambi/Sullivan’s Creek. Starting at Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve, each walk will be partially curated to incorporate each of the components, arts, culture and science, in participatory research. That is, we will include in each walk (formal and informal) experts in the arts, culture and science, including Traditional Custodian, ecologists, hydrologists, Indigenous and non-indigenous artists, musicians and writers.  We anticipate that for those hearing from the Traditional Custodians of Country, and absorbing knowledge and sharing ideas with those outside their field of expertise, will lead to an exhibition or other outputs reflecting these experiences, that can be developed during the next phase of this project.

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